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More than half a million pregnant women lose their lives every year due to issues pertaining to uterine tract infections(UTIs), which are caused by poor reproductive hygiene, contraction from a sexual partner and use of dirty toilets.
When left untreated, UTIs lead to chronic kidney diseases, loss of infant during childbirth and fatalities. In African rural areas, 90% of the mothers never get access to essential urine analysis tests that identify and treat UTIs because most of these clinics are understaffed not to mention that they are located far away so the mothers have to walk very long distances.

Our solution, UriSAF is an AI-powered software that assists doctors in diagnosing UTIs with a specific focus on pregnant mothers when they come in for antenatal health care check-ups. The medical personnel simply inputs the urine analysis tests into the software, and the algorithm automatically generates a diagnostic result hence empowering the the medical personnel to see more patients. The mothers there don’t have to wait long hours to get their diagnosis and prescription.


Having started out building both hardware and software for urine analysis testing and diagnosis focusing on UTIs, we later changed focus to only building AI-powered software after realising that the problem was actually with the diagnosis.

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